How Keto Tames Emotional Eating for Easier Weight Loss

Hi! today we're talking about why the ketogenic diet is so effective for weight loss and what I want to talk about right now it's kind of the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss and how the ketogenic diet affects these and this is a lot of people I see on the internet they don't believe me but you can click below and I'll try to highlight some studies there's studies but who have been shown we definitely know that the ketogenic diet works for neurological issues it's been used for seizure control for well over a hundred years and they are just now seeing that it does help for anxiety it does help for depression and there's some just like case studies that it helps with things like binge eating disorder and even like alcoholism it's even used in a lot of recovery programs so this is all the emotional aspects of a dietary program and we really can't ignore that like we like to especially in the United States feel like in our current culture we like to ignore emotions there's something we'll deal with later when we're old and retired but right now I just need to push through and do what I need to do we can't ignore the notional aspect and that's where the ketogenic diet comes in and this is why it can be so effective for weight loss is it can help team anxiety and depression again I'm not a medical professional I've read medical journals and I will link to some below so that you can look at what I'm looking at but definitely especially before discontinuing any medications that you're on because of starting the ketogenic diet work with your healthcare professional and if you need help mental health then please also work with a health care professional but if you just have like the low-grade anxiety low-grade depression low-grade stress that a lot of us in the United States have maybe not enough for a prescription maybe not enough to really impact your life a lot but maybe it's the reason that you eat ice cream after the kids go to bed or you're in laundry room I have been known to eating chocolate to kind of deal with the stress of life this is where the ketogenic diet can really come into play as it does for a lot of people control those little mild mental health systems those little mild mental health symptoms and so if you find that your stress eater or your eating because you're sad or you're eating because you're depressed or you're eating because you're anxious then this is where the ketogenic diet can really kind of snowball into progress for you as you feel better and you're not tempted to go stress eat you're not tempted to go eat because you're upset with your life or you're overstressed and so this is just one other little thing that makes the ketogenic diet so effective for weight loss I like to look at current trends because some things are trying to just because like they are but some things are trendy for a reason and I really think that the ketogenic diet right now is trendy for a reason it's definitely not the one it's not like a cure-all it's not going to solve all of your problems but it doesn't equate lost a little bit easier and the emotional aspect is probably one of the reasons why this has been effective for a lot of people that haven't been able to lose weight on other diets so I just want to talked about that for a minute if you look over here we do have other reasons why the ketogenic diet is so effective for weight loss I'm just kind of looking through them one by one and little bite-sized chunks if you'd like to get started on keto I would love to have you in my keto family class it's not just for families it's for people that like normal everyday food and then need but I do have sections in there for everyone from your teenage athlete to your kid that maybe is doing the ketogenic diet for seizure control to mom dad everyone in your family I cover the different things that you're going to want to look for and make sure you are taking into account for each individual person on keto and then we just make good food this really it's really nourishing and it's really good and it's definitely keto friendly but it's also not weird and so you won't have to make two separate meals for people that are off and on keto because all the food is so good that everyone's going to want to have some so I love it if you check that out below and subscribe over there to my channel and I'll see you another time thank you so much